Lab4Physics integrates the power of four sensors in more than 25 rigurous lab experiences that allow students to learn through inquiry-based experimentation. Using only mobile devices and basic materials, you can begin experimenting in no time, discovering energy, waves, and forces and movement in exciting new ways.
With Lab4U, schools save money; no expensive lab equipment or lab assistant is needed, it is easy to use for both teachers and students with a consumer focused design, decision makers can receive regular reports, and students increase their engagement in science becoming lifelong learners.
Lab4Physics is being used in is every continent impacting more than 120,000 students. Third party validations show that students increase their academic performance compared to control group and their interest in STEM related careers. In addition, selling to schools we have government contracts in Chile and Mexico, with successful clients in the US and Mexico and we plan to scale out in LatAm and Asia. Lab4U is changing the paradigm of science education by transforming a ubiquitous technology into an empowering scientific instrument.
Our business audience are schools, universities, and governments.
Our target industry is education technology.