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Lets Encrypt Auto

Ray Consulting Ltd

Create and install Lets Encrypt SSL / TLS certificates for your Azure App Service web applications.

Lets Encrypt Auto creates SSL / TLS certificates for Azure App Service applications and automatically renews the certificates before their expiration. It supports both the HTTP-01 and DNS-01 challenge types. Wild card domains (e.g. * is supported in an Azure DNS Zone.

  • Create SSL/TLS certificates using the popular Let’s Encrypt V2 API
  • Supports HTTP-01 and DNS-01 challenge types
  • Supports wild card domains (* in an Azure DNS Zone
  • Auto renews certificates 20 days before expiration

This application is ideal for web site developers using Azure App Service to host their web applications. It solves the need for the provision of inexpensive SSL/TLS certificates that can be installed and renewed automatically in an Azure Web App.