QBox | Improve your chatbot training data

Volume Ltd

Test. Understand. Fix – all in a matter of minutes

QBox helps improve your chatbot’s accuracy, giving you high confidence to deploy 

QBox delivers by:

·       Automatically testing your chatbot’s training data to assess performance

·       Tests your Microsoft Language Understanding (LUIS) training data

·       Enabling you to see the status at intent level, for faster development

·       Assessing the chatbot pre-go-live for optimum confidence

·       Providing huge cost savings

·       Reducing and limiting trial and error significantly

·       Improving customer experience

·       Providing continuous monitoring and improvement


QBox customers are looking to:

·       Increase the accuracy of their chatbot

·       Improve team efficiencies

·       Automate the fixing process

·       Test their chatbot performance pre-go-live

·       Find a solution that integrates with their DevOps process


Without QBox, customers may have: 

·      An inability to reach the performance level needed for go-live

·      Difficulty in determining why chatbot training data is underperforming

·      Challenges with scaling the model