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Find key information from Oracle CX Sales on Teams

No need to login to your Oracle CX Sales dashboard every time just to lookup or update frequently required information. FlashCX.ai does all that in a flash and supercharges the Sales Team's productivity. Below are some of those capabilities:

1. Ability to look up recent open opportunities and update quickly right from teams.

2. Ability to look up recent open leads. These leads can be qualified or retired right from there.

3. Ability to look up most recently contacts and search a contact by name.

4. Ability to look up most recent accounts and search accounts by name.

5 Ability to look up open SRs.

Accounts lookup has another exciting ability to enrich accounts using our powerful knowledge base. This is all available right from our teams app. Our knowledge base is continuously expanding and adding 1000s of new companies every single day. Accounts not on our track list are added immediately with our support team for enrichment.

We do pull latest news related to an account so you do not have to look outside teams for more relevant information to make key decisions in your sales process.

Customization Abilities:

FlashCX.ai let you customize the output of all the supported capabilities. We have already picked the most commonly used out of the box attributes for each CRM Object like opportunity, account, contact, lead etc. However, your CRM setup may have tons of other custom attributes added to align the CRM to your business processes. All this is possible with FlashCX.ai. All you need is to login to the admin dashboard at https://admin.flashcx.ai and setup your CRM connection. Once it is set, it is easy to navigate to the customize menu option. At the customize menu option, you can take a look at all the available objects and the currently setup attributes. It is super easy to just drag and drop what attributes you want.

The changes made to the setup reflects immediately for all the users without any restart etc.

  • インターネット経由でデータを送信できます
  • このアドインは、電話番号、住所、URL など、アクティブなメッセージの個人情報にアクセスできます。このデータをサード パーティ サービスに送信する可能性もあります。メールボックス内の他のアイテムを読み取ったり、変更したりすることはできません。
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.8872.1137fb0e-1119-4ae6-b67d-b6d8118f8e43.f084696b-709e-498a-b841-3702991cf274.fc816197-081b-4d6d-845d-90e4cdc1d833.png