Cumulative by sio2Graphs

作成者: sio2Graphs

Microsoft PBI Certified

Plot frequency against categorical or grouped data, creating a cumulative frequency distribution.

Cumulative frequency can help businesses understand the percentage a metric of interest is occurring at or less than at point x. This can help to set quality limits, track where resources are needed, plan for improvements, or use as a learning and marketing tool. Plot cumulative frequency on the y-Axis against time or categorical boundaries on the x-Axis, creating a cumulative frequency distribution. Frequency is the number of times an event or outcome occurs. Distribution is how frequency is spread over categories, boundaries or time. The cumulative or relative frequency at point x is the sum of individual frequencies up to and at point x. “Cumulative by sio2Graphs” was designed to be quick and easy to use, even with hundreds of categories, while still offering customizations without the use of high maintenance measures or complicated DAX formulas. Even a small number of measures can become cumbersome if you need to display multiple Pareto charts or need to make quick changes. Customizations: Fonts, colors and sizes Scrolling and resizing Label placement and editing Text hovering to increase readability Value & currency formatting Thinning arc percentage labels Multiple coloring options Value placement Localizations 1-Click formatting Highlighting the process drivers Display and highlight the Mean


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