Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft 365


Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft 365 を取得したら、完全な機能を備えた無料のアドインをダウンロードします:

Do more with PDF – it’s Acrobat built right into popular Microsoft enterprise apps.

Help employees be more productive by putting the right tools in the right place. Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft 365 integrates PDF tools directly into your Microsoft applications, including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. It's easy to deploy and manage; it's integrated with Microsoft 365 cloud security and Azure Active Directory identity; and supports single-sign-on. Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft 365 enables your employees to collaborate, edit, organize, combine, and protect PDFs from the applications they use every day.

Features within SharePoint and OneDrive for Business:
    • View, search and annotate using drawing tools, sticky notes and highlights within PDFs in any browser with this Adobe web-based PDF previewer. Create high-quality PDFs that preserve fonts, formatting, and layouts.
    • Modify and organize existing PDF documents with delete, reorder, or rotate capabilities. Combine multiple file types including PDF, Microsoft Office formats, images, text, and Adobe formats into one PDF that you can use for archiving or distribution.
    • Export PDFs into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or RTF files while preserving fonts, formatting, and layouts.
Features within Acrobat for Teams:
    • High quality viewing - the only PDF viewing experience that lets you open high-fidelity PDFs directly within Teams, for a satisfying and seamless work experience.
    • Collect channel members' feedback in a single PDF directly in Teams instead of gathering and reconciling feedback via multiple attachments. Get notified in Teams when others take action on your documents.
Features within Word, Excel or PowerPoint:
    • Turn Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents into high-quality PDF files that preserve fonts, formatting and layouts.
    • Download the converted PDF files or save to OneDrive.
    • Ensure security with the option to set up password-protected PDF files.


This add-in includes free features (such as viewing and searching within PDFs) available to all users. Some features (such as creating and combining PDFs) require a paid Acrobat license. Visit to buy or contact your enterprise administrator.


Simply "Get It Now". And if you're a Microsoft 365 tenant admin, you can install it on behalf of all your users.