HCLTech Solution for Intelligent Sustainability Operations (NIO)

作成者: HCL Technologies Limited.

Solution for Sustainability operations for Industry

HCLTech's Solution for Sustainability operations (aka NetZero intelligent Operations-NiO) is built to monitor, normalize, compare, reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions in real-time and helps to carbon emission by optimizing the energy consumption

Solution overview:

HCL solution for Sustainable operations named as Net Zero Intelligent Operations (NiO) is HCL's foremost sustainability-focused offering that provides end to end functionalities for monitoring, assessing of energy consumption and helps in reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions and there by the overall carbon foot print.

The solution brings unique inter-comparability and normalization approach across multiple equipment, processes, and facilities. This solution leverages Azure Digital Twin and Azure ML and Cognitive services to achieve this. It delivers a set of functionalities to optimize energy consumption in a manufacturing environment at the enterprise level and help organizations reduce associated carbon emissions which contribute to net-zero goals.

Key Functionalities:

This solution will help in the following:

  1. Helps in monitoring, normalizing, comparing, reducing the energy consumption and GHG emissions in real-time
  2. Reduces carbon emissions by optimizing the energy intensity of assets and processes
  3. Calculating, reporting, and identifying emission optimization potential for workspaces and shop floors
  4. Centralizing uncompressed energy consumption data from different sources
  5. Mapping received data into unified energy data model
  6. Creating inter-comparability of energy consumptions at enterprise level
  7. Identifying areas of potential optimization of energy consumption
Key Features:

1. Comply and Achieve

  • Designed to address your Net-Zero Targets
  • Comply with standards such as ISO 50001, GHG, GRI etc
  • Minimize energy footprint, simplified and comprehensive reporting and Report at enterprise-wide scale

2. Analyze and Optimize

  • Inter-compare between sites or equipment and organization to equipment level visibility
  • Identifying potential areas for optimization
  • Detailed load and power quality analysis
  • Persona based views and rule based notification
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party systems
3. Collect and Measure
  • Collect: Master data management, 100+ protocol Support and Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Measure: Sustainability KPIs, Energy consumption and Carbon Emission KPIs and Industry specific KPIs and include influencing variables such as weather, employee count, production etc.

Other Features:

1. Data Source Support:

  • OPC DA UA Support, Kafka utilized as an event broker and MQTT Support

3. Data Management: Master data on facilities and assets:

  • Master data on facilities and assets ,real-time, non-aggregated collection, processing, and storage of data – Energy consumption, weather, event/alert, production data
  • Energy Usage and Carbon Emissions Data Repository
  • Data Collection Operations, Data Normalization, Synchronization, Inter Comparison Engine and Weather-based energy data normalization
  • Normalization of energy consumption across multiple units of similar equipment within the same & across facilities
  • Unified Energy Data Model with flexibility to accommodate new data and object types.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid shift in energy optimization measures – annualized energy savings of 7-10%
  • Reduce CO2 output between 8-10% per year
  • Achieve nearly 6-10% annualized cost savings
  • Utilize real-time data for enterprise best practices
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and standards like ISO 50.001

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