APay Center - AP Automation for SAP

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APay Center: Complete solution for automating vendor invoice processing in SAP® & SharePoint

Intelligent Vendor Invoice Processing for SAP and Office365

APayCenter is a complete solution for automated processing of incoming invoices in SAP® and O365®. APayCenter streamlines the entire lifecycle of an accounts payable invoice from capture to payment; providing exceptional end-to-end visibility.

Common Business Challenges Addressed

  • Duplicate Invoices
  • Missing Coding Information
  • Missing Invoice Approvals
  • Invalid/Missing Purchasing Information
  • Price Variances
  • Quantity Variances

As a robust automated invoice processing solution, it tightly integrates with SAP and SharePoint, providing advanced Capture/OCR, full process, reconciliation and posting workflows in SAP plus coding/approval SharePoint workflows with data validations along with SharePoint/Office365 content archiving capability.

End-to-End Process Automation for Accounts Payables includes

  • Document Capture & OCR
  • Invoice Work Centers in SAP and Office365
  • 3-Way Match & Line Item Capture
  • Best-Practice Process Templates
  • Process Reporting and Analysis
  • Document Lifecycle management in Microsoft Cloud

APayCenter is a solution that easily integrates SAP and Microsoft to ensure seamless workflow between inside SAP A/P processes, Office365 work centers, and SharePoint ECM. Invoice exceptions and approval requests are routed automatically to the appropriate user or user group for further processing inside of SAP orOffice365.

The invoice dashboard of APayCenter is the central control location, allows SAP work items to be processed directly, no more SAP Inbox; analytics can be performed on cash flow and process flows; archived documents can be easily downloaded or printed to meet audit requirements; and services for object (Generic Object Services) can be late archived, and notes can be added.

Key Features 

  • APayCenter can manage various document formats, such as invoice images, faxes, emails, as well as e-invoices (i.e., EDI or IDOC).
  • Invoice routing is rule-based specific to your requirements or fully integrated into your SAP HR organizational structure.
  • Invoice coding and approval can be completed by SAP users as well as Office365 users.
  • APayCenter manages common exceptions, such as blocked invoices as well as other exception scenarios.
  • Tracking of the entire flow, including exception processes and archiving of supporting information and meeting GRC requirements.
  • Accounting and process data are jointly analyzed to provide accurate reporting about all invoices in the process or completed.
  • Elimination of redundant data keying. APayCenter launches the relevant SAP transaction and automates the data keying and posting process for all invoices.