Product Cloud - Automatic Categorization


Automation of product category in the categories tree

The company offers a complete suite of intelligence tools, in the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, that can be integrated with API`s or with front end.

The Product Cloud Suite provides tools to organize the catalogs of online retailers. It contributes to improve the customer experience in the buyers` journey.

Automatic Categorization
Automatize the categorization of the products in your tree of categories.
The Automatic Categorization Tool allows offer categorization automation according to the categoriy tree fixed by online retail. Therefore, will be a continuous flux of information accordingly with business rules. In addition, it provides benchmark suggestions to build the own category tree, looking at behavioural patterns and market trends.

In short:

  • Flexibility to be build the category tree in line with business rules;
  • Automatic suggestions of category trees;
  • Integration with the general plataform or specific plataform;

"Categorize your products automatically and organized keeping your retail updated in accordance with the market trends."

(This app is available only in Portuguese)