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Automating financial news analysis for financial research.

Discover intelligence and insights from financial news in real-time

With the kind of information overload we are witnessing today, it's impossible for capital market participants to keep track of all the data and information about their portfolio companies. Traditional keywords based search returns all news that contains the search terms, many of which are irrelevant. Current search methods result in lost time and inefficient processes as volume increases.

NewsX uses AI-powered technology to uncover contextually relevant events, risks or opportunity signals from alternative data sets at scale based on user-defined themes. 

Solution Overview

Integrated with Azure, NewsX enables users to seamlessly mine knowledge from large volumes of financial news contents,  custom trained on without the need for pre-compiled ontologies or labelled training data, in a fraction of the time and expense.

Newsrequires no manual-labelling or preprocessing of training data, rather, institutional contents are consumed as-is, with minimal manual curation.

With Newsyou can

  1. Search News: Deep dive into exact news article filtered for a company and custom classifier scheme.
  2. Key-Value Pair Extraction: Extract Custom labels and associated data elements from the running texts.
  3. Entity relationships: Identify entity relationships between entities-for example: vendor, competitors, suppliers, clients
  4. Named Entities Regocnition