SafeCity Public Space Cameras, powered by Vumacam


Access Vumacam’s SafeCity camera network powered by Proof, to deliver world class public safety

Access Vumacam’s SafeCity camera network powered by Proof, to deliver a world-class public safety service in your region. Take your video control room to the next level with Proof.

The SafeCity camera network is designed for flexible access and optimised to deliver both overview and LPR video feeds directly to your CCTV control room through Proof.

Proof is a market-leading, cloud-enabled, video-centric PSIM. Optimise your CCTV control room and ensure you get the best return for your investment by removing the “noise” generated by traditional video monitoring products. Proof is a true “black-screen” software solution that leverages the best AI and ML to ensure that your control room operators only take action against alerts processed by advanced video analytics.

Proof is able to ingest almost any video feed as well as integrations for alerting IoT devices. Providing control room managers and operators a true situational overview of the space they secure. Accredited security providers with access to public CCTV networks, Proof enables rapid response via an auto-dispatch feature set allowing them to secure public spaces.

Proof offers the following essential CCTV monitoring functions:

· Alert management via a prioritised alert stack

· Highly customisable standard operating procedures (SOP)

· Live and recorded video viewing

· Vehicle of interest lists with access to public and private databases

· Event and situation management

· Auto dispatch via 3 party or your own response provider

· Telegram integration

· Reporting and analytics