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Post email messages and manage your SmartOffice contacts without leaving Outlook

SmartOffice, powered by Ebix, is the premier CRM solution for the financial services industry. We help insurance agents and financial advisors manage and better understand their existing clients while attracting new ones.

The SmartOffice add-in for Outlook allows you to view and manage the client data stored in your SmartOffice database from within Outlook. By making SmartOffice your central storehouse for client data, you can access that data using Outlook and many other applications.

Note: A SmartOffice license is required to use this add-in; to learn more, select Sign up on the sign-in screen or contact Ebix.

Post E-mail to SmartOffice

With a few clicks, post a copy of any Outlook email message to the SmartOffice SmartPad. Maintain an easily accessible history of all communication with your clients.

Add Contacts to SmartOffice

If you receive email in Outlook from a person who’s not in your SmartOffice database, add them with a few clicks. SmartOffice automatically detects senders and recipients in Outlook email messages to speed up the process.

Manage Contact Data

Search your SmartOffice contact database and view data about a contact without leaving Outlook. The data you can see includes phone numbers, email addresses, scheduled activities, tasks, notes, documents, and much more.

Add Activities and Notes

While viewing SmartOffice contact data in Outlook, you can also create SmartOffice calendar activities, tasks, and notes. No need to open SmartOffice!

Need help?

We're here to answer your questions! See our user guide or contact SmartOffice Technical Support.

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