Imperium365 Starter CRM


Move out of paper, excel, email and adopt all standard CRM processes in a seamless manner.

What is Imperium365 Starter CRM?

Built on the latest Microsoft power platform services stack, Imperium365 Starter CRM is designed to help you get started with moving out of the paper and excel world and adopt a customer relationship application quickly and cost-effectively. We designed the solution to be simple, user-friendly, and powerful at the same time - with multiple interfaces for your employees to use the application.

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Key Features

  • Potential Customers, Customers and Opportunity management
  • Standard Case Management
  • Simplified opportunity conversion
  • Quote and Order Management
  • A mobile- and tablet-friendly Canvas App
  • Customer support portal

Why choose Imperium365 Starter CRM?

  • Built by Microsoft's Power Platform Recognized Solution Architects making sure you have the right solution to extend functionality, either by you or by engaging us.
  • With multiple avenues to interact, you can be on-the-go and add opportunities as you talk to potential customers or check on a case that is in progress. The mobile app has been designed to keep you informed.
  • You have a path to adopting Dynamics Applications such as full scale customer service or field service; so if you are evaluating those, Imperium365 Starter CRM is a good start.
  • The vendor portal add-on enables you to have your customers interact with you, log support cases into your CRM and submit their company profiles.
  • Imperium365 Starter CRM is available as a managed service, contact us to learn more.

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