OX waiting room - integrated virtual waiting room


Comprehensive virtual consultation solution tailored for healthcare requirements

OX Waiting Room delivers end to end infrastructure to manage virtual consultations between clinicians and their patients. An Azure native cloud solution built on the Microsoft Dataverse, OX Waiting Room seamlessly connects clinicians, patients, and data. It provides plugins to Microsoft Teams, M365 and uses Graph API’s and the system can be deployed standalone or wrapped around existing healthcare systems including Cerner and Epic.
OX Waiting Room provides a virtuous circle of benefits for patients, clinicians, and healthcare professionals. Patients can book appointments without hassle, attend the appointment virtually while clinicians and healthcare professionals have all the information they need at their fingertips. This increases the time available for the delivery of care, which in turn improves outcomes and enables better and faster access for patients to professionals.
With OX Waiting Room, patients no longer have to put up with the frustration of waiting on hold or battle with out of date technology just to book an appointment. The stresses of travelling to the appointment and the risk of contact with others is completely relieved. Clinicians don’t need to hunt around for records, results, and scans any more, this is all securely connected to the patient record within OX Waiting Room. And, because the records are all in one place, the clinician’s administrative burden is greatly reduced, as are the threats of errors and security issues.
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