A free report to identify how many contacts, leads or accounts (UK) have moved home or passed away.

Free Data Health Check enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to quickly understand how up to date and accurate their contact data is. Providing a simple health check report, via Teams & Outlook, indicating how many people have moved or passed away.

Free Data Health Check is powered by Clean Contacts - a totally unique solution that enables users to maintain the quality of their customer (UK Consumers) data through an automated process.

The flow can be activated manually or as a scheduled event, which is seamless, compliant and secure; with all data, from multiple tier 1 sources, contained within the MS Azure environment.

Once the results are received, users have the option to gain access to the results by signing up to a subscription services - a fixed monthly or annual payment with no restrictions on how many times the solution is used.

The solution can also be configured to create an action or notification to prompt a notification or activity to respond to the changes made - whether it be to simply update a record, make contact with the individual or trigger a communication.

It is easy to set up and simple to use - Call us for a demo on 0208 915 1103 or visit to download and install the Free Data Health Check solution.

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