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Link SharePoint lists and libraries from any sites within a site collection

Cross-site lookup column allows you to link SharePoint lists and libraries from any sites within a site collection. It provides an easy-to-use select box for quick search of related items, supports lists with thousands of elements and has a great potential for tuning e.g. cascading drop-downs, filtering and sorting results, adding new items to the linked list, etc.

Quick search of related items with real-time suggestions. Lookup automatically filters results based on what you type in, which is very convenient to find required items.

Support big lists with thousands of items. Lookup asynchronously loads a new subset of items while user scrolls results or specifies them by typing.

Add new items to lookup list directly from form. You can configure lookup to show 'Add new item' link, which provides an ability to add new items to the source list. New items automatically appear in the result set.

Change layout of results to simplify search. Configure the layout of the result set by adding supplementary fields to simplify navigation. You can also set up search by multiple columns.

Create cascading drop-downs or dependent fields with Forms Designer. Using Forms Designer alongside Cross-site Lookup you can configure dependent fields including cascading lookups.

Set up sorting and filtering results. To simplify search you can configure sorting by columns and set additional filters on the results.

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