Task Management


View report of your tasks and Prioritize them easily

This add-in has the capability to

Provide you a view of tasks assigned to you which arranges your tasks into different categories like

1. Incomplete Tasks

2. Tasks in Progress

3. Tasks due today

4. Tasks due this week

5. Tasks which are overdue

Also the app provides a link to open the tasks to view or edit them directly.

Incomplete, In-progress, Not started tasks can be distinguished easily.

Add a task for yourself using the + icon

Search a task


Default settings allows you to start with a with a new Task list that comes with the APP

Or use your site's existing task list

Note: Minimum size which renders the add-in part properly is 700 x 360

The Task management list that you associate with the app should be based on the Task template type having the "Start Date", "Due Date", "Assigned To", "Task Status" fields.

We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting. Feel Free to contact us in the support email ids.

The ad-free version of the same add-in can be downloaded from

Note: Supports All modern browsers - IE 10+ , Chrome and Firefox recent versions.

APP may not work in IE 9

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