Zenkei VR Player


Zenkei VR Player generates Interactive Panorama Players from Ricoh THETA images for Office.

Zenkei VR Player imports Ricoh THETA panorama images and generates interactive panorama players via the Zenkei Cloud service, and embeds the players in your Microsoft Office documents. You can distribute your documents and the reader can control and see panorama images.

Creating your ZENKEI account and signing in, you can

- embed your existing panorama players (your panorama content) into Office documents

- import new panorama images from Ricoh THETA via the Office app, generate panorama players, and embed them into your Office documents.

For real-estate business, for example, you can easily create a web site about your real-estate properties with the interactive panorama players using your familiar Microsoft Office suite and the Office templates. The documents with the panorama players can be published and shared through Microsoft's Docs.com.

The Browsers listed below are not Supported. Please use the latest version.

- Internet Explorer Versions 10 or below.

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