Smarter BIZ Manager

Smarter biz Technologies Private Limited

4.8 (13)

Mobile CRM (Call recording ,GPS, Sales Funnel ) automated into Excel

Smarter BIZ Manager

Boost your sales the smarter way to track, measure and grow your business.

Smarter BIZ Excel Add-in works with Smarter BIZ cloud services to help transform your favorite Excel into a mobile CRM

* Create all your Appointments on Excel

* Automatically distribute all these Appointments to your sales team on their Android mobiles using Smarter BIZ Manager Android App, available on Google Play.

* Get real time status of all customer communications of your team into the Excel Add-in that includes - GPS locations, call logs, call records, status of the assigned appointment, new appointments he creates for follow-ups and more.

* Smarter dashboard to view your critical business parameters that you need to track, measure and grow your business.

The Microsoft Excel Add is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10.

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