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Access your reference collection when writing for quick formatting of citations and a bibliography.

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) syncs with your institutional RefWorks account so you have quick access to your collected references while writing your documents. RCM lets you add in-text & footnote citations and a bibliography to your document in any of our thousands of citation styles.

What to learn more about RefWorks? Visit RefWorks Knowledge Center:

Note: RefWorks Citation Manager supports Word 2016 and above. To use RefWorks Citation Manager Internet Explorer 11 or later must be installed (Windows) or Safari (Mac).

This Add-In is offered free with your RefWorks subscription. But please be advised that can only be used if your institution currently owns a valid RefWorks subscription. This Office and SharePoint Add-in cannot be acquired by individual users; they require sign up by the enterprise to access it.

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