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Office 365 Timesheet

Ignatiuz Software

A free user-friendly internal business tool for employee time-tracking and manager approval.

Employee time tracking and manager approval made easy with Office 365 Timesheet built by Ignatiuz.

The Office 365 Timesheet by Ignatiuz is free, easy-to-use, and is designed for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online (Office 365). Enabled through your existing SharePoint environment, the Office 365 Timesheet facilitates maximum use of the collaborative features found within SharePoint.

With a clean user-friendly interface, employees can efficiently track their weekly hours worked on projects/tasks and get manager approval with a simple click. The easy reporting function grants managers and administrators the ability to seamlessly export timesheets into an Excel/CSV format. With potential integration to third party systems, the Office 365 Timesheet can automate your invoice processing as well.

Notable features:

· Employees can record and save daily hours worked as a draft.

· Weekly submission of drafted timesheets by employee.

· Draft timesheets can be modified easily before submission.

· Draft or Timesheets can be modified easily before submission.

· Easy reporting for billable and non-billable tasks.

· Project/Task specific daily reporting.

· Manager can approve or reject submitted timesheet(s) with comments.

· Ability to map multiple employees to a specific manager.

· Email notification on submission and approval/rejection of timesheets.

· Previously rejected timesheets can be corrected by employee and resubmitted quickly.

· Administrator role to efficiently add/change managers and employees within the system.

· Friendly UI with easy administration.

· Export repots to Excel.

· Supported on Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome browsers

If you have any questions or face any difficulties configuring or accessing the add-in, please feel free to reach out to us at