SurveyMonkey: Surveys for Teams


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Seamlessly get feedback from your colleagues right within Teams.

Poll, survey and quiz your team for more relevant and timely feedback.

Create, share and get feedback with surveys within the platform you use everyday. Use pre-built templates curated for Teams to help jump start your survey creation. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple question types and configuration options to more effectively capture responses.

Capture the voice of your team quickly & easily directly within the app. View real-time analytics and share with the team in channel to drive better decisions and awareness.

Using either the bot or compose extension, create surveys, get live results as they come in or share in the channel when you are ready. Ask for feedback from your team about an important topic, quiz them on a training that just happened, and seek their opinions on a recent launch. Now you can stay on top of the voice of your team with regular feedback using surveys and sharing results without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Keep your team up-to-date with live or daily notifications when new comments or responses are created using Connectors.

Note: Microsoft Teams user must have an active SurveyMonkey plan to use this app. You can link an existing account or create a new one with any plan at

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