Performance Management for Technology Solution Providers & MSPs.

Performance Management for MSPs

People management is something we all deal with. It’s especially top-of-mind with rapidly growing SMBs, distributed teams, and newly minted managers (maybe like you!). You need a modern platform that focuses on and can be flexible to the unique challenges that face your business. That’s us.

Strety integrates with Google and Outlook calendars and embeds seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to meet you while you’re already working. It isn’t another tool to check, it’s an extension of your existing processes so you can get more done with less stress.


Set your agenda for your 1:1 or team meeting in advance. When it's time to meet, you're already aligned and ready to discuss strategy. While you’re chatting, document action items for teammates as they come up.


Quickly see if an initiative is on track and dig in if something is off. Your team is automatically cued to add context to their goal progress so you're always on the same page.

Check Ins

Take a pulse to see how things are going -- personally or professionally. Strety automates status updates to see what’s on track.


Celebrate a specific person with the whole team, or log private feedback to discuss with an employee one-on-one.

Teams Features

Once connected to your Microsoft Teams account, Strety will send you scheduled check in notifications! You can answer these directly from chat, helping you stay on-track without ever leaving your Teams client.

The Strety Difference

We’re committed to helping managers get the most out of their teams with less stress. Strety helps you address issues before they turn into problems, automate alignment, and systematize buy-in throughout your team. If you’re ready to put Continuous Performance Management into action, we’d love to help.

Built by the creators of the BI tool, BrightGauge, Strety’s software is designed for SMBs. Eric & Brian Dosal and a few other former BrightGaugers used their 8 years of solving problems for SMBs to build this new people management platform

Try Strety’s performance management software free for 30 days, no credit card required.

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