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Medxnote – Robotic Clinical Assistants for Firstline Healthcare workers.

Secure HIPAA compliant healthcare messaging and communications platform for Microsoft Teams

Designed for Microsoft Teams, Medxnote gives Firstline Healthcare Workers such as doctors and nurses their own personal Robotic Clinical Assistant (RCA) that connects them to any clinical data at the point of care.

The Medxnote Robotic Clinical Assistant also optimises workflow without disrupting existing IT systems and drive patient throughput and efficiencies in hospitals and healthcare settings.

The platform is open and extensible and features HL7 FHIR integration and the ability to build a Robotic Clinical Assistant for any clinical improvement idea!

Key features include clinical notifications to channels in Teams, the ability to subscribe to notifications for future clinical events such as radiology and pathology results, the ability to securely capture images in Teams and upload these to the EMR, EDMS or PACS and also the ability to replace paging systems with the unique Medxnote pager.

On average using a Medxnote Robotic Clinical Assistant to push notifications such as pathology results to channels in Teams is proven to save up to 1 hour per notification. Medxnote can also be used to push internal hospital consultations or ‘consults’ to the relevant specialist doctor which has been proven to be 15 times faster than the existing PC based EMR workflow.

On average subscribing to real time notifications of clinical events such as the availability of radiology and pathology results is proven to increase patient discharge rates by up to 15%.

Using the Medxnote Robotic Clinical Assistant an image can be uploaded securely from Microsoft Teams to the EMR, PACS or EDMS in less than 60 seconds.

The Medxnote Robotic Clinical Assistant based pager is designed to replace inefficient traditional paging systems. The Medxnote pager can message to both internal and external Teams users.

We’ve included a connection to a demo environment ‘Hospital A’, that lets you interact with the bot in a meaningful way so you can see how Medxnote makes Teams clinical!

To use this app your organisation needs to be a Medxnote customer and you need an active Medxnote account.

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