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International, web-based education

This application is available in Russian language.

The education portal offers theoretical content, tasks and tests for a wide range of subjects in CBSE and State boards. The content of the portal is developed by experts in accordance with Indian curriculum standards, and our task database is regularly updated and supplemented with new content.

For each task, our AI technology generates numerous variants and explanations of answers, with an average of 50 variations each. This helps students to understand the material through practice and understanding, rather than simply memorizing answers. It also enables a self-directed learning process. YaKlass is also planning to offer training tasks for state tests, which will provide valuable support to the child when preparing for state exams.

The teacher can also easily create and send homework assignments and tests to the students via the online portal, and parents can follow their child's progress and learning results. Notifications about assignments, learning results, and student progress can be automatically received by parents via E-Mail.

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