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InRule automates decisions and places rule management with those who best understand the business.

The InRule® Decision Platform automates business decision processes and places rule authoring and maintenance in the hands of the people who best understand the business. With InRule, business rules are no longer buried in code across multiple systems, time consuming to find, difficult to change and duplicated throughout the enterprise. InRule provides a single, consolidated approach to business rule creation and maintenance, along with the security and audit trails required to ensure the rules are managed properly and in compliance with regulations.

The InRule Difference

Designed for real-word scenarios, InRule’s Business Rule Management System:

  • Handles complex logic, processing tens of thousands of transactions with thousands of rules.
  • Allows technical and non-technical people to use intuitive authoring to quickly and easily write business rules and logic.
  • Makes rule updates easy, so changes can be made quickly as the market demands.
  • Features a rich SDK that allows for smooth integration into Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications.
  • Takes advantage of the elasticity of the cloud to meet evolving business needs.

InRule® for Microsoft Azure allows organizations to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud through InRule’s Azure SaaS execution service or by deploying in their own Azure tenant.

InRule® for Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers business and IT users to manage complex business rules and calculations that traditionally require JavaScript or code. InRule for JavaScript allows for business rule execution in the browser, in mobile apps or anywhere else JavaScript can run. Organizations looking to leverage existing technologies and solutions can use InRule’s integrations with K2, BizTalk, .NET and Dynamics or write their own using InRule’s SDK.

From on-premises, to the cloud and via mobile, InRule allows organizations to run rules anywhere for extreme flexibility and scalability. More than 400 InRule User Community members depend on InRule to reduce development and change cycles by 90 percent for their mission critical systems and customer-facing applications. InRule has been delivering measurable business and IT results in high-performance environments since 2002.

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