OpenCities Websites


Award winning, easy to use CMS designed to transform government services and engage citizens

OpenCities is making it easier for cities to transform their websites into digital government platforms all over the world. Cities in the US, Australia and New Zealand have seen incredible success after launching an OpenCities website.

OpenCities user-tested templates deliver beautiful and functional sites that allow staff to create content and online services that engage citizens.

Grand Rapids, Michigan offers over 85 different services through their new OpenCities website, converting 50% of the 80,000 walk-up payments. Within 11 weeks, the total number of walking-ins to the customer service desk to start water service was reduced by 79%. Grand Rapids used OpenCities data to prioritize content and transactions and then retire outdated or seldom-used pages, which created a substantial cost savings and services improvements.

OpenCities well researched templates and structured content entry frees city staff from reinventing the wheel and makes it simple to provide easy to understand, actionable information for their citizens on any device at any time. With a Digital Services Academy, offered with OpenCities, subject matter experts from your city will use best practices to create the content your city needs.

Manage all your website assets in one place with file and document libraries that help you visually organize and manage everything you need to create beautiful pages and stay true to your city’s brand.

The platform allows city staff to share content prior to publishing in order to get approvals from management and easily share files and documents. Quickly post about activities in the parks or alert citizens about critical information when needed. OpenCities offers a range of interactive directories and modules that make it easy for citizens to find all your city has to offer.

OpenCities sites are hosted by Azure Gov, which is relied on by many federal government agencies and offers world-class security, protection, and compliance.

With OpenCities commitment to user testing and continuous product upgrades, this evergreen platform will be one that will continue to serve the needs of everyone in your city for years to come.