Azure Virtual Desktop Windows 365 4-Wk Proof of Concept (Proof of Value)

Logicalis, Inc.

Discover the flexibility to rapidly deploy and secure hybrid work environments with Azure Virtual Desktops or Windows 365

Organizations today need to create and provide modern and flexible working environments. Logicalis’ Digital Workplace portfolio offers a range of solutions to help. These solutions are designed to enhance employee productivity and facilitate remote work while ensuring the security and compliance of the organization's IT infrastructure.

Logicalis provides support for customers with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or mobility requirements by offering cloud-based virtual desktop solutions that promote flexibility and facilitate remote work. Our approach to helping customers swiftly adopt this new solution involves three distinct phases: Align, Transform, and Scale. In the Align phase, we conduct workshops to identify the optimal solution that aligns with the customer's business goals. In the Transform phase, we deploy the chosen solution based on the outcomes of the Alignment phase. Finally, in the Scale phase, we provide ongoing assistance to ensure that the solution can be fully managed by our experienced industry professionals, allowing for a comprehensive lifecycle management of the solution.

As part of this service, Logicalis conducts a brief workshop to identify the best virtual desktop solution for the customer based on user personas. Upon completion, Logicalis deploys Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 for up to 25 users to demonstrate the advantages of Desktops as a Service and validate its potential within the organization. The Proof of Concept (PoC) will include the configuration of a single user profile.

What you get from a standard 4-week Logicalis PoC: • Workshop session to define your desktop persona and application, data and security requirements • Design of Azure Virtual Desktop and/or Windows 365 environment • Creation of a customized desktop image with your configuration and settings • Creation of Security baselines and governance (Cloud Adoption Framework) • Appropriate connectivity with your Azure networking infrastructure • Creation of Azure Virtual Desktop host pools • Enrollment of Virtual Desktops into Intune • Creation of FSLogix Profile Container • Creation of Azure Virtual Desktop Virtual Machines • Configuration of Desktop Security with Defender for Endpoint and Cloud • User provisioning and system testing • Implementation of Desktop Analytics • Initial testing of desktop and applications • Go Live Support

The estimated cost of Logicalis Consulting Services for this project is $7500. Logicalis can provide consumption through a Azure CSP Subscription for the PoC period for Azure Virtual Desktop. However, the customer is responsible for any Azure Virtual Desktop consumption costs, which will be invoiced based on actual usage in addition to Logicalis Consulting Services. This does not include any applicable Microsoft Funding through various programs.

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