D365-Super and Hypermarkets Solution

pateikė Confiz Limited

Automate complex operational processes and boost productivity for your grocery business

Confiz brings a next-generation dynamic solution for super and hypermarket retailers, enabling them to digitally transform and achieve operational excellence.

We recognize that today the need for digitization is greater than ever. Yet, many retailers including grocers haven't made the necessary switch to automation. Despite robust ERP products, most supermarket and hypermarket retailers manually manage their core business operations. To bridge this gap, we bring forward our solution to help grocery businesses digitally accelerate and drive growth.

With built-in capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, our solution reduces the operational complexities faced by grocers, by automating third-party contract management & back-end margin calculations while simplifying the tedious processes of grocery store supply chain such as procurement, stock replenishment & complex warehousing operations. The solution helps these businesses ensure a considerable amount of financial control by offering ready dashboards, reporting tools, and automation of time-consuming financial management tasks. Resulting in higher operational efficiency and increased productivity.

Our solution’s unique features are as follows:

1- Automation of Back-end margin calculations

2- Digitization of third-party contract management

3- Simplification and automation of order-taking process through PDTs

4- Retail Vendor Portal to streamline procurement and replenishment process

5- Simplification of complex warehouse operations through hand-held devices

6- Intelligent stock allocation & assortment planning

7- Management of Discounts, Prices & Promotions

8- Complete solution for Loyalty management

9-Assisted Selling with Intelligent Recommendations

10- Customer Self-Checkout

​Our state-of-the-art solution tailored to grocers’ specific needs allows your business to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring seamless in-store and e-commerce operations, complete supply chain visibility, and improved financial control and planning.


Solution implementation for large-scale grocery businesses, having a chain of 30-50 stores will take 8 months (approximately). While the niche or mid-scale super and hypermarkets with a network of 5-6 stores, the Implementation phase will be completed in 5-months' timeframe (approximately).


Price is variable, subject to regional spread, number of stores, and central warehouses.

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