360° Strategic Enterprise Asset Management EAM

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360° EAM for the operation and support of simple and complex, mobile and fixed enterprise assets

Whether operating mobile or fixed, simple or complex assets, plant or equipment, 360° EAM can manage all. Should it be serial, or location controlled, from single component to multi-level component structures such as factories with accessories and attachments.

360° EAM offers operational and support models for all asset classes. The operational models include internal and external asset allocation and usage functionality as well as leasing and rentals. These operational models are tightly integrated with an advance asset support model driving high asset availability.

With support for corrective, planned, predictive and condition-based maintenance programs the extensive maintenance forecasting engine allow for multi meter planning, resource level budgeting per resource group and financial year.

Comprehensive operational and maintenance planning for the effective allocation and management of resources. Tracking progress, costs (budget vs actual vs industry standard) and compliance.

The solution drives asset serviceability, availability and utilization across all asset intensive industries, 360° EAM integrates seamlessly with other modules such as warranty, permit, defect and delay management.

360° EAM is an all-in-one solution powered by the D365FO platform.

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