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Dynamics 365 Alert Notification plugin enables CRM users to add & manage alerts for entities.

Smart Alerts is a meticulously developed Dynamics 365/CRM plugin that enables Dynamics 365/CRM users to add and manage alerts for different entities in the CRM. Once our Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Alerts plugin is integrated, CRM users can add critical data/information to individual records. Thereafter, every time the connected CRM users access a particular record, they will receive a pop-up alert. Users can cascade alerts of related entities, configure plugin in any CRM supported language, get an email and set event or criteria based alerts.

Note: If you have an Offline (On-Premises) Integration, you would need to visit Appjetty (a Biztech venture) for trial.

Product Features

  • Create and View Bulk Alerts instantly
  • Global notification support to keep you updated in real-time
  • Add multiple alerts to individual CRM record
  • Add start/expiration date for all alerts
  • Reactivate the deactivated alerts when needed
  • Add alerts on any CRM record type
  • Get immediate alert pop-ups on accessing the record
  • Differentiate the type of alert through alert type
  • Find the historical context of deactivated alerts
  • Configure alerts that work with all CRM entities including Custom entities
  • Configure alerts compatible with CRM’s language
  • Set user roles as User and Manager for advance alert management
  • Expand alert scope for related entity records
  • Set Criteria alert to get notified given condition fulfillment
  • Get Criteria email in real-time
  • Seamless integration with Twilio API for SMS alerts
  • Select Users while enabling CRM alerts
  • Alerts tracking to understand the effectiveness of the particular change
  • Receive change based alerts and notifications created based on CRM workflow
  • Now works with your mobile devices
  • Dynamic date and time format similar to CRM date and time format

Note: Visit AppJetty (a Biztech venture) for more info.

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