Connects is a browser-based CTI integration between Cisco Contact Center and Microsoft Dynamics

b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics is developed to provide the kind of customer-centered interactions today’s consumers expect.
With b+s Connects, contact center agents get a 360-degree view of the customer at the point of contact. By giving agents the context they need and allowing them to work solely in Dynamics, you'll empower them to deliver exceptional, tailored experiences and focus on their number one priority: your customers.
With the right agent desktop strategy, you'll turn agents into contact center experts with a CTI adapter that makes it possible for them to provide customers exactly what they want and even what they might soon need. 
This no-hardware CTI integration supports the Unified Service Desk (USD) and browser-based clients leveraging the Unified Interface.
The following features are available as standard with b+s Connects:
  • SSO
  • IVR and call data transfer
  • Screen-pop (and screen-pop on transfer)
  • Automatic interaction logging and record creation
  • Team view, consult, and transfer
  • Click-to-dial
  • Supervisor features like remote state change, silent monitor, and barge in
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