Timesheet Automation Application

pateikė Exigo Tech Pty Ltd

Time Entry doesn't have to be tedious, so we present smart PowerApp for employees to do time entries

The Timesheet Automation Application is for those employees who spend most of their time on emails and attending meetings. The application enables the employees to eliminate all the manual work and hassle of accessing different applications to figure out where they spent most of their time. The Timesheet Automation Application displays all the time you spend on either answering your Outlook emails or attending meetings scheduled in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook calendar. When you select an entry to submit in Microsoft Dynamics Time Entry, the application also fetches the project name and task name, reducing the manual effort there as well. Also, you have the flexibility to make changes in all the entries if need be. Furthermore, employees working on different projects at a time, find the exact billable hours at the ease of a few clicks.  

The application fetches:

  • Time spent answering emails. 
  • Time spent and name of attendees in a particular Teams call.  
  • The application has a simple interface enabling easy and quick organisation-wide adoption. Also, it’s available on the smartphone, increasing its usability quotient.

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