iCoPlan - Portfolio, Programme & Project App

pateikė iCoTech Group Ltd

Capture, Plan, Deliver and Report on all your Projects and Programmes within Microsoft 365.

Using forms, pages and tabs you can collate all the information regarding your Portfolio, Programme and Projects across your organisation. Assigning operational areas/departments, Sponsors and Project Managers to each activity.

Using the additional Project for the Web features, you can create task plans, assigning each task to owners and estimating durations and the associated effort. You can track the percentage complete and collaboratively plan the Projects across your organisation.

Using Project Sites you can track Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions associated with each Project. You can capture Project Status, and supporting information for each Project, Programme and Portfolio delivered within the solution.

Using Power BI you can visualise all the Projects, Programmes and Portfolio's of change being managed within the solution. See all the Risks and Issues associated to the Project or related Programme and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

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