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Improve your business procurement process & enhance workforce efficiency

The KAISPE Purchase requisition app is an intuitive and comprehensive end-to-end Microsoft PowerApps-based solution for purchase requisition creation and approval procedure which permits a company’s workers to produce and approve purchase requisitions. It also allows them to monitor all their requisition headers and respective lines with a complete set of reports and controls. This app provides teams with internal control over the purchasing process, prevents fraud, creates an audit trail, and helps to make the purchasing process streamlined and transparent.

The application is available in tablet and mobile versions and compatible with all devices, including iOS, and android.

Here are a few significant features of the app:

  • Numerous requisition lines for a sole purchase requisition header
  • Multi-currency, multi-site, features
  • Workers can effortlessly raise requisitions and send them for assessment
  • Straight-line or hierarchy-based workflow approval using Microsoft Power Automate
  • Support for service and inventory items
  • User-friendly & user-familiar screens and interfaces
  • Workers can choose an item from existing inventory or type in the item name if the item is missing from the inventory
  • Supports purchasing policies like spending limit for each employee to decide on manual vs. auto approval
  • Recalling a purchase requisition if not yet approved by approver(s)
  • Approval history
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • User roles configuration
  • Import bulk requests effortlessly
  • Clone Purchase Requisition for quick order duplication
  • Create and export reports easily for efficient data analysis


  • The app can be easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other ERPs

Backend: Our application leverages on Microsoft SharePoint as its backend data source for seamless data management and collaboration

Guide: User manual and deployment guide are included in the app

Additional options:

Explore more add-ons to enrich your experience and customize our services according to your specific requirements


  • Automate workflow: Design an automated workflow for approval using for decision-making based on predefined criteria by using the My Approval App
  • Customizable workflow: The flexible workflow engine in the app can be customized to meet the particular needs of different businesses
  • Multi-language: Supporting diverse languages including French, Arabic, Spanish for enhanced user experience
  • Offline connectivity: Seamless offline connectivity for uninterrupted access

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  • Break fix support after product deployment will be provided and separate contract will be signed
  • Customers will be able to use our Self-service Portal to log their tickets and additional related materials
  • Hotfixes will be provided to the customers without any cost via email
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