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Track projects, resources and tasks for accurate billing.

Ready-to-Use Job Templates for Quick Job Creation

TSP Time & Billing is an intelligent software built for rapid repetitive intricate service jobs. You no longer have to go through the tedious process for creating Jobs or Job Tasks as TSP Time & Billing has a wealth of predefined job templates which can be leveraged for quick job creation. Also, newly created job tasks or jobs can be converted into templates for future use. As a result, service delivery will be significantly boosted keep your customers happy all times.

The Print and Send feature inside TSP Time & Billing makes it ridiculously easy to create Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Jobs with a click of a button saving considerable amount of time and effort for your organization.

Effective Resource Utilization with Guaranteed Work Transparency

TSP Time & Billing ensures 100% work transparency by closely monitoring resources and their job tasks via Gantt Project + Scheduler. The Gantt Project + Scheduler will give a graphical representation of the job tasks assigned to resource(s) along with minute details such as effort hours, actual hours, billable hours, non-billable hours, percentage complete, etc. So, clients can be easily notified about the progress of their job from time to time.

Another interesting feature inside TSP Time & Billing is the Time postings which allows you to understand where much of your company’s bulk productive hours are being spent and how many hours a resource is working on a given task. Such an arrangement will help you to draft exact estimates for client proposals.

Complete Job Monitoring with State-of-the-art Tools

TSP Time & Billing is adequately secured with restricted access as only those with specific security roles will be able to access the software for discharging their daily duties. Managers can follow up their job tasks by referring to Manager’s Dashboard that gives complete details about their resources’ tasks, expenses and time postings. Likewise, resource will be able to view their job tasks and do time postings and expense entry accordingly. For a high level view of the job progress, you can make use of the Kanban Taskboard.

Flexible Billing Types to Suit all Business Users

It gets even smoother when you deal with the different billing types that are supported by TSP Time and Billing. Be it Time and Material, Fixed Price – Completion of Contract, Fixed Price - Percentage Complete, Milestone, Cost Plus, or Internal Use depending upon the type of job you sign up with your client.

Note: Time and Billing is one of the many modules of TotalServ Pro (TSP) enterprise solution.

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