Wragby's WorkSmart App

pateikė Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

WorkSmart boosts productivity, efficiency, and accountability through intelligent tracking of Staff

WorkSmart is used to track employee's efforts, internal processes as well as the timeframe it takes for different work processes. These data insights help inform decisions around recruitment, training, performance appraisal reports. etc.

It enables employees to create weekly tasks and map individual activities to be carried out on the task created for the week. It enables Management to track individual resource activities engaged on, hours spent to on the activities with the functionality of mapping manager, capture department, client, project and issues encountered for reporting and tracking of productivity while working remotely.

With PowerBI Embedded, WorkSmart provides actionable insights through intelligent reports from employee inputs, for proactive decision making

The Integrated  clock-In and Out features includes geolocation capability. Ensuring staff location is provided.

The simple and easy to use interface allows users to easily create records and get to see the historical records created.

WorkSmart has the following main components:

1.    MS PowerApps: Built with MS PowerApps

2.    SharePoint: Provides the data source to store all data generated from activities

3.    Bing Map: Provides the API Key for geolocation

4.    PowerBI; Provides an overview of team members activities, status, and measures performance across the organization

5.    MS Teams Integration: Can be easily Integrated to an MS Teams channel for easy accessibility

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