Meeting Manager

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Allows you to manage meetings and agenda

Meeting Manager is SharePoint application that allows you to manage meetings for day, it also allows to set Agenda for meeting. Meeting Manager has following views:

  • Meetings View: Allows to manage your meeting (entry point of application), here you will see TOP 5 meetings for the coming days. You can also search for meetings on this page
  • Add/Edit Meeting View: Allows you to Add/Edit new or existing meeting
  • Agenda view: You can reach this view by clicking on Add Agenda text on Meetings view. Agenda view allows you to add Agenda related to meetings. Agenda view has following functionalities: [#LI] Add Agenda
  • Edit Agenda
  • Add action item


Browser support: Meeting Manager is tested in all supported browsers, IE 11, IE10, IE9, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers, except IE8. Users with IE 8 will not be able to see Agenda page and Add Meeting page properly as dropdowns don’t get populated. Add\Edit Meeting and Agenda is not supported in IE 8.

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