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Provides live data from the Searchmetrics Content Experience for easy creation of relevant content.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience Word Plugin gives you all the platform’s main features that guide you when creating relevant content that performs online, particularly in search engine rankings like Google, all seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Word environment writers are familiar with.

The plugin enhances the word processer by adding a live content optimization framework backed up by the data from the Searchmetrics Suite – the biggest and most relevant database in the industry. Let expert data using deep-learning do the dirty work for you.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience Word Plugin is an all-in-one solution that lets you say goodbye to Excel keyword lists, vague content briefings and the time-consuming effort of using several tools to research information and check your content. But at the same time, it doesn’t force you to part with the text editing software you know and love. All the data is analyzed, packaged and clearly displayed in the MS Word sidebar – with real-time updates.

This Word Plugin integrates the following features from the Searchmetrics Content Experience into the word processing environment:

  • • Content Score
  • • Word Count
  • • Relevant terms and keywords to use (but not overuse!) in your text
  • • Duplicate Content Check
  • • Inspiring Questions

Detailed Feature Description

1. Content Score

The Content Score is an index that provides you with an evaluation how good your content is. It is based on data science and measures the relevance of your content with regards to the topic you are writing about.

2. Word Count

Get instant information about the length of your content compared to the existing content that is already online and performing well. This benchmark gives you a good impression of what users and Google consider to be relevant for your topic. You should always be better.

3. Relevant Terms (‘keywords’)

No back and forth, checking of text and keyword Excel tables. With one glance at terms that are considered relevant, you get real-time feedback on term usage frequency. This has two effects: Firstly, you are reminded and inspired to use related relevant terms and phrases. Secondly, you avoid keyword stuffing, which can negatively affect your online performance.

4. Duplicate Content Check

The written text is instantly compared against content that already exists online. This real-time check avoids the creation of ineffective duplicate content.

5. Inspiring Questions

To avoid long research and to show you what real people are concerned with when searching for your topic, Searchmetrics combs the internet to collect questions users have asked related to the topic. So you get an idea of what questions your content is supposed to answer.

Agile Content Development

The integration of Searchmetrics’ data into MS Word brings deep learning to your fingertips – enabling writers to truly experience Agile Content Development: the most effective way of creating content that optimized to meet user intent and stand atop the search engine rankings.

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