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Sensei Workflow Visualization™ provides a customized visualization for workflows

Sensei Workflow Visualization™ provides a quick visual snapshot of the current stage a project has entered as it goes through its lifecycle.

Custom graphics are used to provide this visual snapshot. These graphics can be adjusted to

adapt to the needs and standards of your organization.

Sensei Workflow Visualization™ provides functionality in the main add-in as well as an add-in part that can be used to add your workflow visualizations to any Project Detail Page.

The main Sensei Workflow Visualization™ add-in is used to maintain and review the workflow visualization. Typically, maintenance of workflow visualizations will be performed by your organization’s workflow administrator while the add-in part will be used to provide a visualization of the current state of a project’s workflow to project managers and other project stakeholders.

Requires the "Portfolio Managers" permission to properly configure.

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