Monte Carlo Stat Add-in

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Apply the power of Monte Carlo simulations to List Data and gain predictive insights and statistics.

Using Monte Carlo Stat Add-in, users can identify data-sets stored in Lists and run hundreds of simulations using the well established Monte Carlo Method to obtain a distribution of likely outcomes. Run simulations on business critical data such as sales estimates, production output and project completion. Obtain key statistics such as Mean, Median and Standard Deviation and graph results using Google Charts. Import data from files and lists and export data to the same as well as PDF.

The Monte Carlo Stat add-in brings the power of Monte Carlo Simulations to SharePoint Lists and Office 365. Monte Carlo simulations are a statistical method to predict future results by using random seed numbers and many hundred simulations. Rather than attempting to predict an exact result, the add-in provides a range of results, similar to a bell curve. Utilizing a proprietary simulation algorithm, the add-in uses the preferred distribution of results and a random seed number generator to run up to 500 simulations per row of data. Users select the columns and rows to provide the add-in the seed data and identify where the output data can be stored. Import data from spreadsheets, CSV files or operate on existing SharePoint Lists. Export data directly PDF, CSV or spreadsheet applications. Results are delivered by percentile categories and include the Mean, Median and Standard Deviation. With Google Charts incorporated into the Add-in, it provides the latest in reactive JavaScript based charting and graphing. Users can select different distribution models, use currencies and select a custom number of simulations up to 500. Results are fast, exportable, easy to understand and run only on the local user’s browser. All data remains within the tenant, user and deployed Site Collection ensuring data privacy and security.

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