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Beyond grammar! Fast and easy linguistic analysis for authors and reviewers of technical documents.


VTAS is not a grammar/spelling checker! MS Word(tm) already does that and there are other services, like Grammarly(tm), that do it too.

We don't check spelling or grammar. We check for linguistic ambiguities that can lead to misunderstanding and introduce risk. This may not be important when writing a letter but it could be critical when writing a technical document.

See for yourself! Run this sample text through your favorite gammar checker then though VTAS and compare the results!

~begin sample text~

The overall process responsibility and the authority to create and modify the policies, procedures, information and instruction for each process are clearly identified. We will meet this commitment by ensuring sufficient resources are available to develop, implement, maintain and continually improve the Eastern operational standards. Safety must be the first and foremost consideration in every decision and facet of our company. The Manual Administrator may not change any processes on their own unless they have specific authority to revise or change that process. As initial, recurrent or additional training is completed, please forward to the Air Lines Manager QC a copy of the most current/most recently updated personnel roster documenting the name(s), employee identification numbers and date(s) training was completed for all personnel trained in accordance with the Ground Operations Manual and authorized to perform ground service handling of aircraft at the location identified within the address of this letter.

~end sample text~

Humans tend to miss many problematic structures in text, which can result in words, terms, and phrases being misconstrued by others. This can pose tremendous risk to you, your project, your organization!

With your Vital Text Systems account, you can…

• Catch problematic language before it becomes a problem

• Rectify ambiguities and imprecise phrasing

• Reduce risk exposure

In short, you will generate better documents, faster!

Just go to our website,, to create your free account, today!

Why Vital Text Systems?

Contracts, requirements, proposals, designs, end-user instruction manuals are the knowledge real-estate of an organization. They also cost thousands of dollars to author, review, and approve which is why they are referred to as "High-Value Documents."

In business, everyone thinks about the cost of the project.

Very few people think about the cost of the documentation to plan and execute that project.

Fewer, still, recognize the risk that that ambiguous language exposes the organization to.

In the united states alone, knowledge workers create more than 45 billion new pages of high-value documents each year. Yet, many of these high-value documents are approved containing seemingly insignificant but fatal flaws that open the parent organization to tremendous risk.

It's not that the authors and reviewers are incompetent. Far from it. They tend to be highly educated and highly skilled. But they are human. And, humans tend to miss problematic structures in text.

That's why we created the Vital Text Analytics Service (VTAS)!


• Identifies problematic language in text

• Provides corrective suggestions

• Adds review comments directly to your document so you can work on it offline

• Educates the user so that they know how to avoid similar issues in the future

All in real-time!

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