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Get answers to your questions and become smarter with our learnings!

After you have done the interview in our chatbot, a personal learning path will be created that perfectly fits your needs! In the interview we measure your digital skills, knowledge and ambition. After the interview the learning path is created in which we help you become more skilled by sending you relevant tips, learnings and updates. Also, if you chat with our chatbot, we learn more about you and can even fine-tune our learning path even better to your specific needs!

If you want to search learnings, you can find your matching learnings in the Learnings tab, but you can also search on product, mastery, scenario and audience (desk workers and firstline workers).

Learning suggestions will be continuously adjusted based on your progress, as a result you'll become more skilled in a fun and efficient way!

If you have any questions about your workplace, our chatbot will always be there for you! The chatbot knows a lot about workplaces out-of-the-box and is continuously improved. Also the chatbot can help you through conversation paths so you can easily find the content which you need.

This app works best if you, or your whole company, just simply want to become more productive with your workplace skills: increase collaboration, save time or want to get the maximum out of your software. Another scenario is if your company, has just switched / migrated to a new workplace, then our app can help you get up-to-speed in no time!

Currently, results of WorkplaceBuddy are: a decrease of support tickets, more productivity within companies, and better skilled employees. This app helps you drive adoption and usage in a fun and easy way! We'll continuously help you improve your workplace skills and make sure you are always up-to-date!

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