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Input data into Forbury and process calculations with the Forbury cloud engine.

An essential control panel to ensure users can drive Forbury software.

The Forbury Add-in seamlessly links the Excel interface with the Forbury cloud calculation engine and the centralized Forbury Portal.

With the Forbury Add-in you can:

  • Efficiently calculate complex data sets, including large scale tenancies (100+ tenants)
  • Securely share data with internal and external parties
  • Quickly access help guides and support agents
  • Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication across your organization
  • Facilitate SSO – login to Forbury applications using your Microsoft account


  • Excel 365 subscription

  • Forbury version:
    • Commercial – v13 or later
    • Retail – v22 or later
    • Datum – any version
    • Datum Portfolio – any version

If you’re an existing Forbury user you can read more here about how to use the Add-in.

Not yet a Forbury user? Find out more here.

Note: Please be aware that the usage of this Add-in requires the purchase of a Forbury license.

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