Items Replicator

pateikė Sudharsan_K

Copy or Move list items between the SharePoint lists.

This extension will help to override the replication issue and help to copy or move items from one list to another within the site. The extension can be used by everyone from developer to the business users who badly needs to replicate the list.

**Bodacious features**,

  • No configuration required
  • Free of cost and no licensing required.
  • Easy installation from the SharePoint store and immediately available to all the custom lists.
  • Copy or move the entire list or the selected items.
  • The destination lists can be chosen from the dropdown which lists all the SharePoint Custom lists.
  • Option to choose the fields has to be copied or moved to the destination.
  • Automatic mapping of fields based on the source field internal name.
  • Automatic population of fields in the mapping table based on the field type. E.g., If the source field is of type Single line of text, the destination field dropdown displays only the fields of type Single line of text.
  • Validation check to restrict one to many mapping.
  • Appropriate validation and success messages to notify the users.
  • Used Microsoft recommended practice to copy or move bulk items in batch which will have better performance.
  • Sleek and simple design to focus on the main feature.

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