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Xakia is an in-house legal department matter management platform.

Xakia is a matter management software for in-house legal teams, which provides a holistic view into a legal department’s work. Xakia offers a single source of truth to stay on top of workloads, deadlines, and priorities helping the legal team to track, prioritize/de-prioritize work, gain visibility, find information quickly, and easily manage workflows. Xakia creates informative data-driven dashboards for full visibility across individual and team workloads to aid decision making for operational efficiencies. With Xakia reports, it's easy to communicate the value of the Legal Team to other business units and company leadership.

With Xakia the legal team has the following features at its fingertips including (but not limited to):

- Simple, clean interface for quick matter creation

- Templates for immediate matter creation of common matters

- Evaluate / assign internal client requests to appropriate resource

- Simple task creation, edit and completion

- Discussions with team / internal clients facilitate collaboration

- In-line editing / management of matters

- Work from Outlook, a tablet, or desktop

- Display options - list or cards - based on user preference

- In-built document storage or integrations with DMS tools

- Contract and Dispute Logs for tracking required metadata

- Spend management, including request, receive, review, approve, and reject invoices

- Dashboards and preferred workflow summaries sortable by deadlines, business clients, work type, status, etc.

- Legal data analytics provide an easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and reporting functionalities to ensure effective and efficient resourcing decisions

- Xakia provides seamless integrations with business and legal technologies to bring all your tools into a single hub

With Xakia’s Outlook add-in, users can:

- Create matters in seconds, intuitively populating the Xakia matter form with details from an email.

- Add status notes, tasks, and save relevant emails and/or documents to your matter through the add-in or online

- Use templates to make this process even faster, prepopulating the matter form with pre-determined information.

- Search and view details of existing matters in Outlook

Xakia’s subscription levels are:

- Xakia - $55 USD per user per month

- Xakia Plus - $70 USD per user per month, to access Xakia’s document management, legal intake, triage and external spend management features

- Xakia Advance - $90 USD per user per month, to access Xakia’s internal client portal and logs & libraries

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