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Excel Add-in allowing to import Commodity Essentials API data into Excel in an easy way

If you are a user of Commodity Essentials (CE) data service, this Add-in will help you import CE data into Excel.

You will need to have a separate CE account and use your CE username and password to login from this Add-in.

If you don't have a CE account you can visit to learn more about our data service.

If you have a CE account this Add-in will allow you an easy setup of CE API queries into Excel.

API queries can be setup as Excel formulas.

This Add-in provides options to easily update your CE queries such as updating all CE queries in an Excel Sheet or Workbook.

You can also leverage Excel functionality to dynamically generate CE API query parameters. If the query parameters are updated the data will refresh automatically.

This Add-in works on the following versions of Excel:

- Excel 2019 or later on Mac

- Excel on Windows (Microsoft 365)

- Excel on the web

- Excel on Mac (Microsoft 365)

For inquiries on subscribing to CE data service please email:

For technical support using this Add-in please email:

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