LawVu for Outlook


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Ensure important emails and attachments are captured in legal’s system of record.

Email is a major channel of communication between legal and their business partners, so a great integration is an absolute must-have for any legal workspace.

We provide a feature-rich add-in to ensure all the important information lands in legal’s system of record with fewer steps so they can control, monitor, and analyze workloads and spend more time on high value activity.

With the LawVu add-in for Outlook, you can:

File emails and attachments to a matter or contract in LawVu.

Automatically file subsequent replies on the same conversation thread with no additional effort.

Create new matters and contracts without leaving Outlook, capturing all relevant fields based on the type of request.

Attach files from matters and contracts to new emails you’re composing.

A number of updates that give LawVu customers a way to capture more information they need and save steps so they can be even more efficient when using this valuable functionality:

Contracts are now supported, including the ability to take an email attachment and upload it as a new contract version.

Conversation tracking - once you file an email, replies and forwards can be automatically saved without manual effort.

Users have more options to choose which parts of an email are saved to LawVu, so they make sure to capture the important information without creating noise.

Team assignment support - new matters and contracts can be assigned to Teams in LawVu so they get handled more efficiently.

Support for additional custom field types so users can capture more information they need when creating a matter or contract.

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