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HR Directory 365 is employee directory with org chart to find and access your people's information.

Search just who you’re looking for, in just a few clicks on our HR 365 Directory, it’s a SharePoint-powered visual people directory that adds value where it matters most: your company culture. Access searchable employee profiles and eliminate paper-based forms and learn more about coworkers on the go.

The HR Directory 365 is aimed towards improving communication, remote collaboration and productivity. It helps you search, apply filters, and drill down to see org charts, team structures, and relevant employee information. Get fast, easy access to company information to employees on the go and say hello to fully digital and virtual employee directory.

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HR Directory Application highlights

The HR Directory 365 comes with end-to-end Office 365 focus and can also be scaled further. HR Managers can foster a companywide standardization of digital wayfinding through employee self-service.

  • Most preferred SharePoint-based People Directory
  • Versatile and supports the various types of SPFx components, such as Webpart, Full Page, Teams Personal App, and Teams Tab
  • Can be adapted by any organization using Office 365
  • Customizations and scalable staff directory app
  • Integration with MS Teams
  • Central platform for all your employee database

Available configurations for the SharePoint HR Directory App:

  • Personalize your company directory as per your corporate identity
  • Easy syncing of employee’s information from SharePoint user profile
  • Advanced filter options available in your people directory
  • Customize the staff profile picture view – round, half-round, or square
  • Enable or disable the communication icons – Mail, Phone, Message, MS Teams
  • Add or remove the profile information of staff, change the information display sequence
  • Fully responsive and modern staff directory
  • Employee directory software pulls pictures from SharePoint user profile

Free Organization Chart

  • In-built Organizational Chart with multiple views
  • Option to show/hide Org Chart in the

    HR Directory 365 configuration page

  • Separate web part for Organization Chart

Latest Product Features -

  • vCard QR Code - Scan to check and save employee information on your phonebook
  • Work Anniversary and New Joinee - Stay up to date with team's update
  • User Analytics - Analyse your team's data by department, location, presence, and job title
  • Org Chart - Expand all, and rotate vertical or horizontal to view organization hierarchy
  • User Property Link - Create a hyperlink on an employee card field that redirects to corresponding user information
  • Custom Attribute – Create and add custom attributes as per your requirements to display additional user information.
  • Multilingual Directory – Now get additional language support, including German, in addition to the default English. Also, it works according to the browser's default language (English/Deutsch).
  • Org Chart – Add multi-webpart org chart with different top nodes facility for single use on SharePoint webpage.

On Demand Features For Your Employee Directory App -

  • Virtual Floor Map - Effortlessly explore and know your colleague office sitting location with HR Directory App
  • Outlook Public Folder - Integrate & view MS outlook public folder contacts in HR Directory 365
  • Azure Active Directory Extension Attribute – Enhance user details beyond the information available in the Azure directory by adding additional fields to the employee profile.

  • Multidomain Functionality - Enable multidomain functionality by allowing the addition of multi-domain users, providing the flexibility to exclude users based on specific requirements.

Quick Search Webpart – Now, add an independent web part to your SharePoint webpage to quickly display birthdays, work anniversaries, new joiner information, and efficiently search for employees in a single web part.

  • Personalize web part background color
  • Add HR Directory application URL for a search preferences page as per your business
  • Custom search font style, size & color of your employee directory app

What changes at work?

Using the SharePoint-powered People directory, the HR managers can reap the benefits of a smooth collaboration between various departments and teams ensuring a positive impact on workforce productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

  • Resilience/ Reduced stress
  • Encouraging paperless environment
  • HR Solution for Digital Transformation
  • Employee database at your fingertips
  • Human Resource Management & Collaboration

Beyond Intranet provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to industry specific needs. Explore more about

HR Directory 365


  • Beyond Intranet is Microsoft Gold Partner Company
  • Dedicated team of SharePoint and Office365 developers
  • Dedicated support team, always happy to help you
  • Experts in HR tool and software development
  • Regular updates to provide new features and bug fixes
  • 1 Hour of free support to all our customers

Please Note:

  • The HR 365 Directory does not work on IE 9 or below
  • Recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, IE 10 and above for Beyond Intranet’s HR Softwares.

We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting. Feel Free to contact us in the support email ids.

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