Gamify for SharePoint & Microsoft 365

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Gamify is an innovative tool driving and influencing SharePoint & Microsoft 365 end-user adoption

Gamify brings gamification techniques into the workplace so that companies can engage their employees more, resulting in the success factors such as higher productivity and better collaboration. Gamification motivates employees to be more productive and engaged in SharePoint/Microsoft 365, boosting adoption and creating a better ROI for your company. 

What makes Gamify different from other tools is that it is dedicated to end-users. It drives employee engagement and pushes them to reach certain SharePoint/Microsoft 365 goals that the organization is trying to meet.

Gamify will step up an organization's motivation and adoption by going above and beyond usage reports for administrators, and actually focusing on the end-users by:

  • Understanding exactly what areas end users are lacking in

  • Enabling users to be empowered and strengthen various areas, such as education, knowledge, self-involvement and more

  • Boosting employees motivation and self-performance

  • Promoting users contribution and driving teamwork


How does it work?

With Gamify you can reward individuals with points for increased usage, and inspire friendly competition between colleagues and teams. 

  • Step 1 - Our analytics engine tracks user and group usage and transforms it into points and rankings.

  • Step 2 - Our Gamify dashboards visualize progress and achievements to users and administrators.

  • Step 3 - Consistently targeted metrics drive self and peer competition to make the digital workplace more fun and productive.


With Gamify, your organization can: 

  • Improve Adoption and drive repeat visits to SharePoint, to ensure compliance and communication requirements are met.

  • Create a strong social driver for the use of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 and continue being active. 

  • Use recognition to reward contributions and drive employee engagement via leaderboards and achievements

  • Tap into user motivation through the encouragement of users with targeted user-dashboards within SharePoint and Microsoft 365, displaying their engagement score, how they compare to their peers and to other groups in the organization 

  • Improve onboarding and training processes with user score updates and next-step suggestions


Gamify requires a subscription for its service.

Add the Gamify add-in to start a 14 day free trial, or request a personal demo.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

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